About Me

Thanks for taking a look at my website SingleCauseSingleCure.org. My name is John Wightley, I recently took early retirement from a High School Principals post. I now work as a volunteer counselor and I also trained as a Hypnotherapist.

Over the last few years I have become more and more interested in natural health products.

There are many supplements that can work in harmony with your body to support or compliment your efforts to improve and aspect of your health.

Unfortunately there are still many products being sold that have very few beneficial properties.  I guess selling hokum cures goes right back to the snake oil salesmen and probably beyond.

I set this site up to try to pass on information about legitimate products that have proven benefits.

All products that are reviewed on this site have either been used by me or they are products that I have researched extensively and found positive independent reviews.

I hope you find my information useful and thank you for visiting.