Male Extra Review

An exciting and pleasurable sex life is something that all human beings throughout the planet want. However, this can often be clouded by some factors that bring the dreaded ghost of erectile dysfunction. To deal with these situations is that Male Extra has been created.

Due to the stress and worries of daily life, a male may experience difficulty in achieving an erection. This can also manifest itself in a short duration in the sexual act, which prevents reaching a deep pleasure.

When it occurs in mature men, this causes a major concern regarding their ability to have sex. It can also undermine your self-esteem about your ability to give pleasure to your partner in bed.

The real problem has nothing to do with the action of each individual. In fact, it is due to the variation of important biological conditions such as the level of testosterone, the level of blood supply to the penis, the formation of the cells and the action of the hormone histamine . Considering these factors, Male Extra provides a better and renewed sexual experience.

The importance of blood flow

Irrigating blood to the genitals is vital to have a pleasurable sexual relationship. In men, an erection begins when the brain sends signals to the penis. Then, it relaxes and its veins expand to allow blood to enter.

As a consequence, it increases in size until it reaches an erection. The veins also close during the time necessary to maintain intercourse. When this is complete, the arteries relax to normalize the blood flow and return the limb to its normal state.

When some alteration occurs in this process, it is when a male can experience problems to have an erection. It is also normal that when it finally occurs, it does not last as long as I would like. This is one of the most important aspects of which Male Extra is responsible .

Male Extra: Complete Analysis

Since the information on this type of supplements must be clear for its use, here are some points to discuss in this article:

  1. What is Male Extra ?
  2. Its benefits
  3. Ingredients
  4. Side effects
  5. Recommended dose

What is Male Extra

This natural supplement provides a healthy alternative to the many products used to improve sexual performance. The famous Viagra is one of the most sought after, but its tendency to cause tachycardia is also known.

Male Extra provides nutrients and properties that improve the conditions for having sex, and it does so through organic and natural ingredients. Among its virtues, it has the ability to improve blood circulation and increase the level of testosterone.


  • More and better erections: their nutrients and properties increase sexual capacity. This results in better erections that last longer.
  • Increased sexual pleasure: the improvement in blood circulation is also evidenced as a greater genital sensitivity. Therefore, much more pleasure is experienced.
  • The size of the penis increases: because it optimizes the production of cells, the virile member increases in size during the erection. This improves confidence during sex.

Ingredients of Male Extra

L-Arginine HCL 600 mg

Arginine is an amino acid that is involved in the synthesis of other components such as creatine and nitric oxide . The latter is essential to improve the circulation of blood in the body and also in the genitals. Many studies were conducted that found that at least 40% of men who consume it, have a better sexual performance.

Granada 40% Ellagic Acid 500 mg

Nature always provides the ideal components to improve health. And the proof of this is the grenade. This red fruit of numerous seeds inside contains ellagic acid . This has the ability to stimulate and favor a better blood supply. It also acts as a powerful factor to have better erections.

MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl-Methane) 100 mg

It is a form of mineral sulfur that has a very important function in the growth and repair of cells. This causes the tissues of all the organs to renew, especially those of the penis. In this way it is possible that it is firm and increases in size during sexual intercourse.

L-Methionine 100 mg

This is an amino acid that reduces the action of the hormone histamine. This plays an active role in the conclusion of the climax. It is the one that produces ejaculation, thus ending the sexual act. Its control allows an erection to last longer and in this way the orgasm is prolonged.

Zinc (in citrate) 14 mg

Zinc is one of the most important ingredients for good health. It has the ability to regenerate tissues, strengthens bones and favors the skin. But for sexuality it is a natural stimulant of testosterone production. Due to that, there is no lack of food for a bodybuilder, or for any man who wants to maintain a good sexual performance.

Cordyceps 25 mg

The use of this root as a traditional aphrodisiac also has a scientific basis. It has been shown to have components that act on the part of the brain that coordinates sexual desires. Therefore, it is a vital ingredient to maintain active libido and have intimate and renewed intimate sexual encounters.

Niacin 18 mg (vitamin b3)

This vitamin is essential to increase the blood supply to the genitals. Its action causes the arteries to expand and improve the passage of blood to the penis during sex. It also helps reduce fatigue and therefore, have more energy when making love.

Side Effects of Male Extra

A remarkable fact of this supplement is that due to its natural composition, no adverse reactions have been recorded. Therefore, it has no side effects. It’s that simple

In addition, other favorable effects that are not related to the sexual plane have been detected:

  • Reduces overweight because it burns fat
  • Rise the levels of energy
  • Improves physical condition
  • Strengthens bones

How to Take?

The consumption of Male Extra makes it possible to improve the sex life. And the most important thing is that you should consume only 3 tablets a day. One in the morning, another at noon and then at sunset. This is what is required for the body to assimilate its benefits.


There are other popular products that are used to improve erections. However, their results can be relative and even risky. These are the most used:


The famous blue pill is the first one that is used when it comes to improving sex. Although it works in many cases, its use arouses controversy because of its tendency to cause tachycardia. This means a risk not only for people with coronary problems. It can also be a danger for young men, who sometimes use it excessively.

Testosterone injections

If there is a downward trend in testosterone, frequent treatment with injections of an artificial version of the hormone is often applied. However, this can often result in imbalances that cause excessive sweating and a tendency to irritability. It is not the most viable solution to improve sexual capacity.


“In recent years I began to notice that it was difficult for me to achieve an erection and maintain it for some time. And since it was not a passing issue, I began to worry. The doctor told me it was not impotence since I could make love. He recommended that I exercise and eat healthy to improve my blood supply. I followed what he advised me, but I helped with Male Extra. This supplement improved my erections in a short time and my sex life became intense again. I recommend it. “.- Lucas Duarte, 39, employee. Chile.

“I always had a good sex life, it was important to me. At least it was like that until I began to experience a decrease in pleasure. And although he did not complain, I know he was also declining for my wife. I could not let that get worse, so I tried Male Extra. I was struck by your announcement that it was natural and effective. And I must say that it is true. Its ingredients improved my erections and I returned to feel the pleasure of a decade ago. It’s excellent! “.- Juan Hurtado, 44 ​​years old, engineer. Mexico.

“Despite what they say about age, I know that you can have good sex even at 75 years of age. And while I take care of myself and as well, I use Male Extra to keep my love life active. It is a natural supplement that improves sex safely. I tell you from experience, since I still enjoy making love with my wife. “.- Gonzalo



Why Should You Buy MaleExtra?

It was hard to find fault with MaleExtra when everything about it is dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction. From their guaranteed 3 inch penile growths, harder erections, increased blood flow and multiple orgasms, to their range of DVD bonuses, 24 hour customer support and 90 day guarantee, you cannot go wrong.

We would definitely recommend MaleExtra to anyone serious about permanently increasing their penis size whilst improving their penile health. For just 8 minutes of your time, you will soon notice a significant difference.

Good Points

  • Permanent 3 inch penile growths
  • Multiple orgasms
  • 100% safe eight minute penile exercises
  • Bigger ejaculations
  • 90 day guarantee
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free bonus DVDS, Performer 5 and Instant Performer

Scams To Avoid – Don’t Get Ripped Off

The internet is FULL of scams which will take your money, but then provide with nothing in return. Unfortunately, because of the increasing success of the penis enlargement industry there have been a flood of scammers into the penis enlargement market. For legal reasons we can not list the names of the companies that we believe offer “less than” perfect systems. Hopefully you can determine on your own – by utilizing ratings and giving notice to the companies who refused to participate in our project, who offers quality programs.



99% of penis enlargement products and sites are rip offs of other sites or products. This means that you end up paying lots of $$ only to get an inferior product with inferior support which will leave you feeling cheated and with no gains. The basic tips below can help you make the correct decision when purchasing a penis enlargement product. Good luck! Penis enlargement really does work!

Tip #1 – Is the site professionally designed?

Does the site look like it was actually designed by a company? If the site has an amateur design then more than likely it as been put together by some kid in his bedroom who is looking to make thousands from ripping off men with a below average product!

Tip #2 – Go with a well respected company

In our directory we have given each site a rating on their “reputation”. We link this to how long they have been selling their program/product on the internet and the feedback that we received about the company. Many sites CLAIM that they have been online for years but when you check the WHO IS records you find they have been online for no longer than a few months. We would suggest you go with a site like Penis-Health , ProSolutionPills or Penis Advantage that have good reputations.

Tip #3 – Avoid sites that use illegal “spamming methods”

If you receive an unsolicited email then the company is acting illegally and is more than likely just out to make a quick buck. We receive hundreds of e-mails a day from these companies that actually SPAM US. Our advice is steer clear. Do NOT purchase from sites that SPAM YOU.

Tip #4 – Avoid sites with amateur URLS

Avoid sites with names that are longer than your arm – URLS such as . These are frankly just ridiculous and are created by people that want to get higher listings in a search engines. Choose your program like you were choosing a lawyer – you wouldn’t go with a firm whose name is “We’ll Get You Out Of Trouble No Matter What You’ve Gotten Yourself Into”. Same goes for websites.

Tip #5 – Avoid sites with copied testimonials

Sites which copy other sites testimonials can NOT be trusted. Do not TOUCH sites like this. If their program/product really worked then there would be no need to do this. Avoid at all costs.

Tip #6 – Crap support needs to be avoided

When using a penis enlargement product support is ESSENTIAL. If you have just ordered $200 of penis enlargement pills but no one will answer your support questions on delivery time then it will leave you frustrated and feeling ripped off. Proper companies that CARE about your penis gains will provide e-mail support. Test out their support by e-mailing them, 48 hour response time should be easily achievable by most of the sites. The sites with the best support are the sites which will give you the results that you really want.

Tip #7 – Avoid products with low grade ingredients

Many men are tempted to go for a cheaper penis enlargement pill which would be FINE if it worked. The quality of the ingredients is so poor in some of the lower grade pills that men have reported cases of stomach problems! Companies which offer these low grade pills often make their money by offering cheap ingredients and charging you close to the same amount as companies that offer high quality ingredients. Poor ingredients = poor results.

USE JUDGEMENT – Choose sites which look reputable and you have been referred to. There are hundreds of review sites out there that rate the “highest commission” paying programs first. We are also a review site but offer you concrete results from each company we reviewed. Hopefully Men’s Sexual Health can help you make an informed buying decision.


It is possible to have a good sexuality at all times and at all ages. And the most important thing is that it can be achieved without using risky medications. Without well the market offers multiple options, it is best to resort to the most natural and least invasive.

Male Extra is a supplement designed to improve sex safely and healthily. Its components improve blood circulation, increase the level of testosterone and provide elements that make it last longer in sex. Everything indicates that it is an accessible option to improve the intimate performance of men of all ages.